Save Money

Don't pay money for lawyers, court costs, or litigation expenses.  Litigation can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Online arbitration lets you obtain a legal resolution without financially devastating your family or your business. Keep your money.

Save Time

Your time is important.  Avoid spending time meeting with lawyers, preparing for hearings, being deposed, or attending court.  Online arbitration is available from any location, and you never have to step foot into a lawyer's office or a courtroom.

Save Stress

Litigation is stressful.  You aren't in control of the litigation process.  Being involved in litigation is like a dark cloud hanging overhead.  Rather than spending years on litigation, online arbitration resolves your legal problems in weeks.  Plus, online arbitration gives you back control of the process.


Two Goats Solutions online arbitration is a flat rate. There are no hidden costs or fees. Unlike litigation, you know the cost of your arbitration before you start.

Parenting Disputes Subscription

per Parent
$69per Month
  • $699 per Year

Family Law Claims

$1,500 Divorce
  • $3,000 Divorce with Kids
  • $1,500 Post-decree Modifications

Civil Claims

$500Disputes under $5,000
  • $1,500 for disputes of $5,001 to $15,000
  • $3,500 for disputes of $15,001 to $35,000
  • 10% for disputes over $50,000
Why the name?

Aesop told a fable of two goats that were each standing on opposite ends of a very narrow bridge. Each goat started to cross the bridge. When the goats met each other in the middle of the bridge, neither goat could go past the other. Yet neither goat was willing to back up so that the other goat could cross. Ultimately, the goats began to fight each other and, during the fight, both fell off the bridge to their death.