Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Arbitration is a process to resolve a legal dispute through an objective third party without going through the litigation process in court.  In an arbitration, both sides provide their evidence to the arbitrator.  The arbitrator reviews and analyzes the information, and renders a decision based upon the merits of the claim.

In binding arbitration, the arbitration decision is final and your ability to appeal that determination is very limited.  In non-binding arbitration, either party retains the right to file a lawsuit if the party disagrees with the arbitration decision.

It depends.  If you elect non-binding arbitration, then you can still file a lawsuit in court.  If you pick binding arbitration, then the result is final and binding between you and the other party.  Which is, after all, the reason to choose binding arbitration—to have your dispute resolved.  It is important for you to review your state’s laws regarding your rights related to arbitration.

No.  Nothing in this website or related to this website should be considered legal advice to you.  Two Goats is not your attorney, which is why Two Goats can act as an impartial arbitrator in your dispute.  DO NOT send any confidential information or any information you would expect to be maintained in confidence through this website or through any email address posted on this website.  Once you have an agreement to arbitrate in place, then you will be able to submit the information that you want the arbitrator to consider in the arbitration (and any other party to the arbitration will also receive a copy of the information).

Two Goat Solutions Online Arbitration

Online arbitration is simple. Once you agree to submit your case for resolution, we electronically contact the other side to see if they are interested in resolving the case without the expense of lawyers.  If they agree, then both sides electronically submit the information they want considered via a secure link we send to you.  Both sides have the opportunity to review the information and to submit additional information.  Once all information is received, it is reviewed and analyzed.  Then, a decision is reached by the arbitrator, and we send a copy of the decision to both parties, at the same time.

If there are additional documents you believe are necessary for the arbitrator to consider for your case, there will be an opportunity for you to tell us what documents you need and why.  If the arbitrator agrees those documents are necessary, then the arbitrator will make a provision for the documents to be obtained.

No. As part of the documents you submit, you will be able to submit a notarized affidavit(s) containing the testimony you want to present.

Once we receive the information from both sides, we render the decision within two weeks.

An attorney who has reviewed, researched, and is knowledgeable about your case.

The cost for our service is generally 10% of what it would cost for you to litigate your case in court. See pricing page.

If you don’t have a case filed with the court, you will need to file to open a case.  Once you have a case that is open, you will file the arbitrator’s decision in the case.  You may also need to prepare a final order that incorporates the arbitrator’s decision, especially in a family law case.  You should check with your local and state rules, or consult an attorney in your area.