Two Goats Solutions provides an alternative to the traditional court process. There’s a better way. With Two Goats Solutions, you can resolve your parenting disputes online.




Providing families a way to resolve their disputes outside the frustration of the family law court system.

Sometimes parents can’t reach an agreement on disputes affecting them and their child.  It’s very expensive to go to court to resolve these disputes, and it takes a long time to get through the court system.  Plus, the longer that a dispute remains between parents, the more negatively it can impact the relationships between the parents and even their child.  Two Goats Solutions offers arbitration on these disputes so that you can save time, stress, and money.

Examples of disputes you may want to submit to Two Goats rather than going through the court process:

  • Disagreements on how to divide a holiday.
  • Application of the right of first refusal.
  • Make up time for missing visitation.
  • Disagreements on what extracurricular activities to enroll the child.
  • Communication issues between parents and/or the child.
  • Health insurance plan(s) to have for the child.
  • Information each parent is required to provide the other about the child.
  • School(s) or daycare for the child
  • Any other issue related to parenting that does not involve modifying custody or the physical visitation order. *
* For modifying custody or a physical visitation order, you can use Two Goats Solutions claim arbitration service.

Step 1

You and the other parent agree to use Two Goats Solutions, Inc. to resolve parenting disputes that you choose to submit for a decision.

Step 2

Choose a payment plan that works for you.  Monthly payment plans are $69 per parent.  Annual payment plans are $699 per parent.  This allows parents to submit up to 2 disputes a month.  Any additional dispute each month will cost the submitting parent an additional $75 per dispute.

Step 3

Submit your dispute and select whether you want a binding or non-binding decision.

Step 4

Provide the appropriate court orders that are in your case.

Step 5

The other parent responds to your dispute information.

Step 6

Both parents can submit any necessary follow-up information.

Final Decision

An experienced, licensed attorney with at least 10 years of experience in family law cases reviews the information provided and provides an arbitrator’s decision.